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Contemporary Digestive Research and Technologies

Aims and Scope

The Contemporary Digestive Research and Technologies (CDRT) is a peer-reviewed, international journal that aims to be a platform for presenting inspirational and contemporary research in the field of Digestive Medicine and Endoscopy.

We are particularly interested in Clinical and Basic Research articles, including — but not limited to — the following fields:

Image/Video acquisition, processing and analysis
Wireless endoscopy and diagnosis based on integrated modalities e.g. auto-fluorescence, motility, biochemistry
Minimally-invasive endoscopes & similar data collection devices
Generation of data for model construction, validation and application
Endoscopic follow up and treatment approaches
Medical decision support
Semantic content understanding and modelling
Information fusion from multiple modalities from molecular to environmental level
Computer-aided diagnosis and measurements
Energy-efficient data processing and transmission
Low radiation techniques
Robotics and autonomous agents
Virtual endoscopy and in silico medicine
Translational medicine
Other issues: -including review articles as well as outstanding case reports can also be covered by the Journal, particularly when a multidisciplinary approach also involving one of the above fields is presented.


We are working closely with many major databases to get the journal indexed and will gradually publish more index information of the journal.

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